[Live Coding] How to Use the new Solace PubSub+ Messaging API for Go -- April 12, 2022

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When: 11 am, ET, April 12, 2022

Where: https://youtu.be/va2ATJSaUzI


Join Solace Developer Advocate, Tamimi Ahmad, Product Manager Murat Vuniqi, and Go API Software Developer, Michael Cardy for an interactive live coding session featuring the new PubSub+ Messaging API for Go!

In this livestream, Tamimi and Murat will discuss how to use the new API for Go, the motives behind developing it, and the roadmap for the supported features. Tamimi and Michael will also spend some time live coding an application using the new API!

You can join the team on LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube and we encourage you to interact with them LIVE by posting comments and questions while they code.