[Livestream event] Solace Office Hours: February 28, 2023

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Time: 12 PM EDT, February 28, 2023

Where: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6admLLLuv8k


This month, we're bringing you something special! With the upcoming GA release of the much-anticipated Partitioned Queues feature, Dev Advocate Aaron Lee is bringing in a special guest from HQ to discuss all the details and to give a demo. Product owner Rob Tomkins works in the Product Line Management (PLM) group, and he has overseen a bunch of cool Solace features and products. As usual, they’ll be answering questions live on-air, so be sure to tune in. Otherwise, post your question beforehand below.


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    Video markers have been added on YouTube so you can easily find the question(s) that you're interested in!

    00:00 - Countdown

    1:20 - Introduction

    2:10 - Introduce Rob Tomkins

    3:20 - Why partition queues?

    5:00 - What are Solace Partition queues?

    6:50 - What are non-exclusive queues?

    13:00 - How scaling is handled with KEDA?

    19:20 - Availability of the feature

    21:30 - Size of partition queue

    22:30 - What happens if a key is not set from the publisher?

    24:20 - How does this compare to Kafka & RabbitMQ?

    27:00 - Replay and redelivery with Solace

    29:30 - How distributed tracing fits with partition queues?

    30:55 - Are consumers aware of what partition queues they are attached to?

    32:30 - How is message order achieved?

    33:30 - How flows are handled with partition queues?

    35:25 - Are partitions sized equally?

    36:00 - Keys recommendations

    37:55 - Differences between partition queues and horizontally scaling applications

    39:30 - Are consumers aware of partitions?

    40:50 - What happens when a partition is filled?

    41:35 - How are quotas handled?

    42:35 - Demo!

    55:30 - How to determine the partition count?

    1:02:00 - Wrap up