[Live coding] Hybrid Cloud Event Streaming with Solace PubSub+ and AWS Workshop

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When: 12 PM ET, April 18, 2023

Where: https://solace.community/ (We will stream the event live on the homepage of the community)

Registration: homepage of this community


If you're developing apps that run in both cloud and on-premises environments, join us to learn how to create an event mesh that gets information flowing across such hybrid- and multi-cloud systems. You'll learn what to look for in an event broker, and how to use hierarchical topics and wildcards to route information exactly and only where it needs to go.

Join us and follow along to quickly build an event mesh that links your local machine with a messaging service in AWS, then get event-driven data flowing between them. Whether your organization has a well-established event streaming strategy or you're exploring event-driven architecture, this workshop is for you!

Register now and check out the community homepage on the day to attend. Also, don’t forget to add the event to your calendar!