Live Stream Recording Available: Let’s Talk AsyncAPI and Code Generation!

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The Live Stream is complete, but Recordings are available below! Feel free to discuss in the thread below

Come join us and Fran Méndez, Founder of AsyncAPISpec, for an interactive live coding session where we’ll check out the design to code experience using the Solace PubSub+ Event Portal and the AsyncAPI Code Generator. In this session, we’ll build event-driven microservices using Spring Cloud Stream and answer any questions you have!

Code is in Github:
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3:35 Introduce Marc
5:00 Q/A
7:15 Journey to finding AsyncAPI
10:55 How is Solace supporting AsyncAPI
13:40 How are organizations and devs using AsyncApi
19:45 Talk about the AsyncAPI Generator
27:30 Marc gives an overview of application
31:25 Design architecture using Solace Event Portal
52:00 Generate Spring Cloud Stream application from AsyncAPI spec
1:17:34 Explain loosely coupled microservice
1:21:15 Start NodeJS microservice
1:25:55 Fran explains AsyncAPI components
1:36:20 Using validators in AsyncAPI
1:46:00 How to stay up to date
1:49:00 How to contribute

Location: YouTube and Twitch
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    Deffo was a good time!