[Live Virtual Tradeshow] APIdays – APIs, Ecosystems and Finance-as-a-Service, Aug 19&20

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Join Solace at this free virtual event to learn how best you can leverage and build your real-time business in the digital marketplaces that are changing the way customer value is delivered.

Our Developer Advocate, Aaron Lee, will be hosting a workshop on "The Evolution of APIs: Events and the AsyncAPI specification". Be sure to attend the session at 1:50pm SGT on the 19th.

Events are a core component of all new business architectures. They are the lifeblood of the enterprise, allowing applications to react in real-time to an ever-changing environment.

As software architectures shift to more event-driven designs, the usage of traditional RESTful APIs for communication can limit the flexibility and performance of distributed applications and microservices.

Please join Aaron Lee, Developer Advocate for Solace, for an in-depth look at event-driven architectures, the PubSub+ Event Portal for design, and the AsyncAPI specification for code generation. This workshop will include presentations, demo, and focus on hands-on development.


August 19 & 20
Aaron's Workshop on August 19 at 1:50pm SGT

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    Looks like APIDays has started workshop and session registrations! I just got my email today to pick from lots of great sessions. Don't forget to sign up for Aaron Lee's workshop:

    Anyone else attending? What other workshops or roundtable sessions are you looking at?