Boomi Solace listener: com.solacesystems.jcsmp.PropertyMismatchException: Access Type mismatch

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We have successfully tested Boomi and Solace Cloud. We're now testing Boomi with a Solace broker running on an EC2 AWS instance. We basically changed the connection settings on the Boomi side.

  • The Boomi connection connectivity test is successful
  • We're able to send messages from Boomi to Solace
  • The Boomi listener process does not startup and fails with the following error message

  • Encountered an error while initializing LISTEN operation.: com.solacesystems.jcsmp.PropertyMismatchException: Access Type mismatch. (ACCESS_TYPE mismatch, expected=1); Caused by: Access Type mismatch. (ACCESS_TYPE mismatch, expected=1) (from Thu Oct 22 22:01:33 CEST 2020)

Any idea what the root cause could be?



  • sjaak
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    OK, it works again. I uploaded a new version of the Solace connector (V2) and restarted Boomi. Now it works. Problem solved :smile:

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    @sjaak - Are you able to deploy Solace in Test Cloud. I deployed in Test cloud but Listener of Solace Pubsub+connector failed due to Java library files So I deployed in Test Local Atom(on premise) it worked. Did this is resolved for you? Is it working in Cloud version ? And one more thing how did you solved access mismatch error?

  • sjaak
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    Hi @Poornima,
    The last time we tested the Solace connector on both the Boomi multi-tenant Clouds was early Q4 2020. In the end, it did not work for us

    1. There's a feature on Atom Clouds called "Secure listen". It was released in September 2020, This feature allows Atom Clouds to run certain listeners. At the time, the Solace connector did not work yet. I'm not sure about its current status.
    2. The performance of the Boomi Cloud is not good enough to support Solace, even in low latency mode.
    3. The performance of our own private Atom Cloud and Solace was average but only in low latency mode. In general, don't expect miracles from Atom Clouds and listeners. The current Atom Cloud software is not very scalable for event-driven architectures. Molecules are a better option. We therefore switched to single-tenant Atoms (= single-node) and Molecules (=multi-node).

    Solace pubsub+ connector and secure listen


    Workaround for Private Atom Clouds
    Anyway, we figured out that, if you update the Boomi Java security policy from HIGH to LOW on Atom Clouds, the Solace connectors works. Unfortunately, you can't change this setting on the Boomi Cloud yourself. Only on private Atom Clouds.
    The HIGH security policy does not have full access to the file system while the LOW one has. Btw: I do not recommend to change the security policy on production environments, only on test.