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What is Solace topic sequence ? Any use case example ?

AbhikeshAbhikesh Member Posts: 17
edited November 2019 in General Discussions

What is Solace topic sequence ? Any use case example ? Why someone should use it !



  • AaronAaron Member, Moderator, Employee Posts: 106 Solace Employee

    Hi Abhikesh..! Are you referring to the "Sequenced Topics" feature? That was deprecated some time ago. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Perhaps there are other ways.

  • AbhikeshAbhikesh Member Posts: 17

    @Aaron Yes I am referring to the "Sequenced Topics" feature, I do not have any use-case at this moment but just wanted to understand what was use of Solace topic sequence ?

  • VvTVvT Member, Employee Posts: 6

    A Sequenced Topic is a topic subscription for which any matching messages received on the Message VPN are assigned a sequence number that is monotonically increased by a value of one per message.

  • NagaNaga Member Posts: 57

    How is this feature useful for subscribers? Can they fetch data in sequence?

  • VvTVvT Member, Employee Posts: 6

    It is a deprecated functionality as Aaron mentioned, for instance for resequencing later if you have multiple consumers. The following page gives you more information:

  • ChristianHoltfurthChristianHoltfurth Member, Employee Posts: 9 Solace Employee

    What does deprecated mean in this context?
    Does it mean it doesn't work anymore?
    Or it works, but customers are discouraged from using this feature?

  • VvTVvT Member, Employee Posts: 6

    The main usage of this was from SolCache-RS which is now replaced by the new Replay feature.

  • ArunkumarArunkumar Member Posts: 1

    Sequence number is configured at session level,
    If one session sending data to topic A and B then what is the sequence number will be sent is topic A and topic B?
    Is both the sequence number are same for the message or different.

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