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  • kimmieerkimmieer Member Posts: 5
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    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Web development like in with an object-oriented web framework like Hypertext Pre-processor or XML is another option. HTTP is an established protocol for transferring large collections of structured information over the internet. A server and a browser are required for enabling this web-based framework. It is helpful in developing scalable, dynamic websites for business organizations. XML is a very powerful markup language that enables web developers to create documents that can be read by web servers and browsers.

  • Aravindh RaviAravindh Ravi Member Posts: 4

    I’m Aravindh Ravi and you can find me on LinkedIn


    I’m in Bangalore, India and but am originally from rural TamilNadu, India.


    Currently working in middleware and integration space, also I'm interested in learning about event driven architectures. Looking forward to learn and contribute from/to solace community.

    For fun

    In my free time, I used to play football and cricket. Short bike rides (~100 miles) on weekends with friends. Also I enjoying reading blogs, volunteering and books ranging from technical, self development to novels.

  • honghong Administrator Posts: 296 admin

    Welcome, @Aravindh Ravi ! Glad you have joined the community. Looking forward to your engagement with and contribution to the community. FYI. The EDA Summit recordings are available in YouTube here. I'm sure you will find them useful.

  • Aravindh RaviAravindh Ravi Member Posts: 4

    Hi @hong thanks for the link. :)

  • doladola Member Posts: 5

    I appreciate Hong for quick response for our team problem and today its resolved .
    As our company first time integrated with Solace and its successful.

    Hi All , My Name is Dola.
    follow me :

    Bangalore ,India
    I am a Technical lead in Banking Payment integration and IBM middleware IIB

  • honghong Administrator Posts: 296 admin

    @dola Glad that your problem was solved. If you have some handy tips and tricks from your integration project, please share them with the community.

  • ManuManuManuManu Member Posts: 8


    I'm Emman our you can call me Manu.

    Philippines. Currently working from home.

    Software Engineer
    I am currently attempting to integrate Solace PubSub+ so we can consume the events in that broker.

    For Fun:
    Hoping that integration will be less of a headache. :smile:
    I do appreciate quick response in one of the admins here on the issue I raised in one of the thread.

  • namanmathur16namanmathur16 Member Posts: 9

    Welcome to the community @ManuManu :)

  • honghong Administrator Posts: 296 admin

    Welcome again, @ManuManu! Feel free to ask the community if you need help with your integration projects. Meanwhile, looking forward to your engagement with and contributions to the community.

  • NaGGNaGG Member Posts: 31 ✭✭✭

    Welcome Solace Community..! Congrats to SolaceDevs, who cleared the certification exams.

    Don't forget to post your certification on LinkedIn with hashtag #IamSolaceCertified and tag @Solace.

    Here is the resource list that you should visit

  • dineshjhondineshjhon Member Posts: 2

    Hello ,

    I'm Dinesh Janarthanam from India and currently working in Dubai.

    job :
    Software Consultant in Integration domain with 7+ Years of professional experience. I am certified webmethods Developer.
    Domain Area : Banking , Manufacturing and supply chain.

    Why I am here:

    To explore & learn and part of the community where there is rapid progress in the area of the event driven Architecture.

    Doing POC's to integrate webmethods with solace pub-sub+ broker and understanding the capability of Pub-sub+

  • honghong Administrator Posts: 296 admin

    Welcome to the community, @dineshjhon ! Thank you for sharing your webmethods JMS - Solace integration doc!

  • TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 226 admin

    Welcome @dineshjhon ! Super intrigued to see your POCs integrating webmethods with Solace. Have you checked out our codelabs? They are open source for contributions so you are more than welcomed to write your own tutorial codelab and I will help you out if you have any questions :)

  • DhyanandraSinghDhyanandraSingh Member Posts: 3

    I'm Dhyanandra Singh. I'm from India.

    I've around 7yrs of experience in IT and currently working as a Senior data egineer.

    Purpose to visit:
    In my current project, I am planning to use solace to consume streaming data.
    I'm Implementing a POC on JAVA and Python and faced some issue . I'm actively contributing to StackOverflow and other platforms from where I learned a lot. So I joined this community where I get benefits from other's experiences and can contribute.

  • honghong Administrator Posts: 296 admin

    Welcome, @DhyanandraSingh! Looking forward to your engagement with and contributions to the community. Meanwhile, let me ask people here to take a look at your issue.

  • ashokdeepaashokdeepa Member Posts: 1

    Where can I find a basic intro to solace I need to create a simple topic , a broker and subscribe to it with a JMS java program.

  • TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 226 admin

    Hey @ashokdeepa ! Welcome to Solace 🙌 This is the introduction thread so feel free to introduce yourself :)
    for a quick answer - you can check out,, and our tutorials site at for resources. A good tip as well if you can search for any question you have on the forum, and if you couldnt find it feel free to make a new post here on the forum and we would be happy to help out!

  • snaiyersnaiyer Member Posts: 6

    Hi All,

    I am Syed Naiyer / @snaiyer. I am an engineer with Amex. I work mostly on Java based applications interacting a lot with Solace. I work in other technologies as well, which includes IBM TPF Assembler, C, Python, Swift etc.

    I am based in Phoenix, AZ.

    Though there’s lot of knowledge around using Solace API’s with Java, I didn’t find answers I was looking for using Python with Solace. So I landed here and found this to be an interesting community to be a part of. I will probably post my question very soon, to see if I can get help.

    For fun: I love to watch movies, spending time with family, kids and learning/keeping up new technologies that interest me.

  • honghong Administrator Posts: 296 admin

    Welcome to the community, @snaiyer! There are resources on Python with Solace in our developer portal at and discussions in the community. Meanwhile, feel free to post your questions to the community. I'm sure other people in the community can help you.

  • snaiyersnaiyer Member Posts: 6

    Thanks @hong. Just posted my question.

  • chmielejchmielej Member Posts: 4

    Hi All! My name is Jacek.

    I'm in Warsaw, Poland .

    I’m a MuleSoft Developer at Roche.

    For fun
    I have started using Solace six months ago. Currently I am working on Solace ELK integration and so far I have to say that it is working fine :)

    Looking forward to discussions with all of you.

  • honghong Administrator Posts: 296 admin

    Hi Jacek, welcome to the community! Glad that you're using Solace PubSub+. Looking forward to your engagement with the community. Feel free to ask the community if you have any questions.

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