Debugging replay log issues

I am trying to debug replay in Solace. I see the messages in the internal replay queues, but when I tried replay on a new queue with subscriptions to the same topic, messages are not being processed. The queue is showing "Replay State" of "Active", but nothing is being replayed. Even the live feed is not going to the new queue, until I cancel the replay.

I don't see any debugging entries or errors in the log files "event.log" or "command.log". I see that replay is invoked, but no errors. How do we find the issue in these cases?


  • onlysam
    onlysam Member Posts: 5

    I found the solution by searching in this forum, looks like the replay won't start unless there is a live consumer on the queue.

  • marc
    marc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 916 admin

    Excellent, glad you found your answer @onlysam. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions and welcome to the Solace Community :)