Disable session timeout on CLI & PubSub+ Manager

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Hi Solace Community,

For obvious security reason the session timeout for the CLI & PubSub+ Manager is set to 5 minutes for CLI & 15 min for Manager.

And this can be annoying to have to reconnect all the time on non production environment or if you have a lot to do in production, for a "go live" for example.

CLI Session Timeout

on CLI, you can disable the session timeout for the current session (so you'll have to type it each time you want to disable it) :

session timeout 0

or change it definitively with the following

console timeout 120

PubSub+ Broker Manager

For the PubSub+ Broker Manager, you can permanently tune the session length.
The setting is done on the SEMP API session timeout, since the broker manager use the REST APi.

In PubSub+ Manager itself:

you can change it here :
System/service/Settings/SEMP/Session idle timeout

The maximum value is 5256000

Using CLI

service semp session-idle-timeout 5256000

**WARNING : ** This is something you shouldn't do in production (or restore default value once your go live is done)



  • marc
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    Thanks @Thomas Manson .....definitely a useful tip!

    I will say session timeout 0 was one of my best friends when using solace in dev environments ;)