upgrade procedure of monitoring node

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Hi experts,

I have a redundancy env including two msg-routing nodes and one monitoring node as Active/Standby, and want to confirm upgrade procedure(s) of the monitoring node, which is not mentioned in the doc below.


Could anyone help me guide a document link or something, which would make me clear everything?

Many thanks in advance,


  • kiakia
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    In addition, "show disk" command doesn't work and it looks like the CLI does NOT have it.
    Is there any information such as release notes that describes the command is not available in version 9.3?


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    Hi @kiakia,

    Since you have a monitoring node I think you probably have software brokers. The link that you included in your first post is for our hardware appliances and the upgrade procedure would be different. Can you start with the upgrade procedures for software and see if that is more clear for you? https://docs.solace.com/Solace-SW-Broker-Upgrade/SW-Broker-Upgrade.htm

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi @marc,

    Thank you very much for an update.

    Yes, you are right that we have software brokers!
    Now we can proceed furher. :)

    One more quick question.
    Is there any best practice to recover from corrupted environment when upgrade script fails?
    For example, we have to run the script again with older version tar ball for downgrading? or there's something where we can save as a backup for such unexpected upgrade results?