AMQP client from AWS lambda that works with Solace

Hi, we would like to publish to Solace topic from AWS lambda ( written in java). Is there any java AMQP client library that we can use to do that ?


  • marc
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    Hey @rsingh81,

    The Solace Broker supports AMQP 1.0, so as long as you're using a client library that works with v1.0 you should be fine. We usually see folks use the QPID library.

    Note that if you're not already familiar with AMQP it can be confusing to get started so you might consider using a MQTT, JMS, or SMF library. From a Lambda function it might even make sense to use REST messaging as you may not need to include extra libraries. If you go to, scroll down to "Connect Using a Supported Client Library" and choose "Java" you'll see some of the options available.

    Hope that helps!

  • Tamimi
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    Hey @rsingh81, feel free to share your findings here as well!

  • rsingh81
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    We have gone ahead with the REST based calls.
    That said, we still want to load test our calls from AWS lambda
    We will have about 50k records to be published to Solace.
    Is it better for us to publish as batches ?

  • Tamimi
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    Hey @rsingh81 - if everyone of those 50k records will be processed by an AWS Lambda function call, then you can publish each record separately from your lambda function. I am not sure how your lambda function architecture is setup but a batch approach could also work.

    How are you processing your 50k records?

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