[New blog post for developers] New Java Messaging API Now Available

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Last month Solace released version 1.0 of a new messaging API for Java. Why is it version 1.0 when we already have a Java API, you might ask? This blog post breaks that down first, then introduces the new one and explain why it’s such a big deal.

This blog post covers the following:

  • A Tale of Two Java APIs
  • Why a Second “New Approach” Java API was Needed
  • Dispatching Messages to Subscribed Receivers
  • Utilization of Builder Pattern
  • Simplifying Event Handling
  • Better Handling and Retrieval of Message Payloads

Read the full blog post.

This is just the beginning of the Java API. We have released version 1.0 and the roadmap contains many more features. The Java API is the “go to” for Java developers writing applications for PubSub+. We encourage developers to consider using the Java API for new applications targeting your PubSub+ Event Broker services. It is available now via Maven Central Repository, the customer product portal, and on the Downloads page at Solace.com.

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