What username will Bridge use if no username is mentioned?

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I created two bridges on the same appliance for two different VPN's from two different software brokers for two different VPN's, I haven't mentioned client username in both the bridges. And I observed that one of the bridge is using #client-username and the other is using default.
There are no configuration changes as well between two bridges,

Can some one help me understand when #client-username **will be used and when **default.



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    Interesting question @rayudu. I haven't noticed this before but I don't get to use appliances super often anymore ;) I've reached out internally to get more info.

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    I Created a new bridge again today. The same thing is happening it is using the default client username in the message VPN on the source side. Can someone help me understand why

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    Hi @rayudu , in order to create a bridge between message VPNs, PubSub+ requires a username to be specified. By default all message VPNs come with two pre-configured client usernames, "default" and "#client-username". In a uni-directional bridge configuration the remote side of the bridge will use the specified username, in this case "default", to authenticate and the local side will always show "#client-username" instead of the remote username. The "default" username can be used by messaging clients and can be edited while the "#client-username" username is automatically configured, cannot be edited, and used for internal client only. For more information on bridges see: https://docs.solace.com/Overviews/Message-VPN-Bridges-Overview.htm