PDB for libsolclient.dll version for x64 windows

Hi All
Is there a download link for the libsolclient.pdb for version for x64 windows.
I am building against version However during runtime the program is picking up

Is that a problem ?
I see some unexpected behaviour. and the pdb will give a slightly better idea.
the program actually starts in a .net env (version 10.13.0) . The nupkg for this version does not contain the native dll pdbs


  • amackenzie
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    I will contact you via private message. The PDB files are not generally available but we can discuss.

  • vt100
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    Many Thanks. I have replied privately.

    To confirm, i dont need the pdb files anymore

  • MPeli
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    Hi, @amackenzie, I am trying to figure out why our WPF app crashes and solace pdf files would be helpful. Thank you, Martin.

    16:29:24.637: INFO : tid[41384] : SolaceSystems.Solclient.Messaging.ContextFactory - [10/23/2023 16:29:24].[Sdk]: solClient.c:9422 (0000a1a8) solClient_context_destroy called, context 0
    16:29:24.638: ERROR : tid[30380] : Detected an unhandled exception at 765589F2 (code: C0020001)
  • amackenzie
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    @MPeli please open a support ticket for this.