Is there an effective limit on the number of Queues Solace can handle?

bkrug Member Posts: 1

What is the maximum number of queues that can be created and active in Solace PubSub+ before performance starts to degrade?


  • uherbst
    uherbst Member, Employee Posts: 114 Solace Employee

    Depends on the size of broker. What kind of broker do you want to know the number of questions for ?
    (If you are licensed Solace customer, this number is also visible in the limits-excel)

  • uherbst
    uherbst Member, Employee Posts: 114 Solace Employee

    In general, a broker can handle as many endpoints (sum of queues and topic endpoints) as it can handle connections.
    On a 1K broker, we can handle up to 1000 queues (without performance degradation)

  • tiwaabh
    tiwaabh Member Posts: 5

    I have a same question. I am using solace standard version in docker on my laptop. I am creating queues dynamically using SEMP APIs on runtime. But the APIs start throwing error after the queue limit reaches 99. If I delete a few and retry, it keeps creating till it reaches 99 again, then the same error. The Error is 400 bad request. In msgVpn settings, the msg max spool usage is 150000, and the maximum number of queues/endpoints is: 10000

  • Tamimi
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    hmm @tiwaabh if you are deleting queues then you should not be getting the same limit error. Can you provide more debug logs on this please? As @uherbst mentioned the broker can handle as many endpoints as it can handle connections, so there must be a configuration mismatch on your broker that is leading to this issue you are observing.