redundancy status is in DOWN state.

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Hi All,

Good Afternoon,

Kindly help to resolve below mentioned error :

I can see redundancy status is in DOWN state on both primary and backup server.

tried with below command :
en --> redundancy-->configure-->no shutdown ,

still the redundancy status is in DOWN state.

and also not able to do release-activity , getting error as "ERROR: Not safe to release activity - mate router is not ready
Command Failed"

Checked , config-sync status of DB looks good.

Please look into it as soon as possible

PFB output for reference:
wxyz5432(configure/redundancy)# show redundancy
Configuration Status : Enabled
Redundancy Status : Down
Operating Mode : Message Routing Node
Switchover Mechanism : Hostlist
Auto Revert : No
Redundancy Mode : Active/Standby
Active-Standby Role : Primary
Mate Router Name : vskcld388
ADB Link To Mate : Up
ADB Hello To Mate : Up

                           Primary Virtual Router  Backup Virtual Router
                           ----------------------  ----------------------

Activity Status Local Active Shutdown
Redundancy Interface Status Up
VRRP Status
intf0 Initialize
VRRP Priority 250
Message Spool Status AD-Active
Priority Reported By Mate Backup-Reconcile


wxyz5432> en
wxyz5432# configure
wxyz5432(configure)# redundancy
wxyz5432(configure/redundancy)# release-activity
ERROR: Not safe to release activity - mate router is not ready
Command Failed


Wish you all a very happy new year 2022.


  • ChristianHoltfurth
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    Hi @Yogi ,

    The best course of action would be to get a gather diagnostics from both the primary, the backup and the monitoring nodes and open a support ticket to get help determining the cause for redundancy being down.

    The gather diagnostic file should have all the information to answer questions like:

    • Can all three nodes see each other?
    • Are all three nodes healthy and the spool for guaranteed messaging in sync/healthy?

    Without all that information it's a bit of a guesswork to figure out why your HA pair has gone out of sync/redundancy down.

    Btw, the routers are preventing you from releasing activity when redundancy is down, because the backup isn't in sync with the primary and not ready to take activity therefor.

    Happy New Year and a great start into 2022!
    Hope you get your brokers fixed asap with the help of Solace Support!

    p.s. Please call our hotline if this is an urgent issue.