Resubmission of Events

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I just wanted to understand how others handle the resend requirement with solace.

Following Use Cases where you need to resend some events:

  • Initial Load (multi instance system and new system requires some data)
    => send all data from object store to new instance (do not impact others)

  • Resend some events for certain period of time
    => send time filtered events to one specific subscriber

Here my thoughts:


  • Re-uses the existing filters each subscriber defined to filter into the customer queue
  • Clone on CI/CD which creates Queue and Subsription to clone each topic by replacing "ALL" (2nd position) with subscriber system name in this case SYS1


  • Confusing why on pub sub the target (which normally should not be known) should
    be part of the topic name.


  • Direct push to subscriber queue (as resend is intended just to 1 subscriber) as no impact to others should exists


  • Loosing the subscription filters between queue and topic
    Workaround: Read out the filters set and apply these topics to filter out the
    matching topics from event store.