How to add guaranteed subscriptions across a static bridge

How to add guaranteed subscriptions across a static bridge? I could add an incoming direct subscription- add subscription button unlike the incoming gauranteed subscriptions for which I do not see any button. What is the process for this. Is there any other way apart from adding these bridge subscriptions across solace broker console? if so, please share.


  • TomF
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    Hi @surya amala, here's the process:

    1. Create a queue in the publisher message VPN subscribed to the topic of interest.
    2. Have the VPN bridge bind to this queue in the consumer VPN's remote message-VPN configuration.
    3. Create a queue in the consumer message-VPN and subscribe it to your topic.

    See the docs for more details.

  • surya amala
    surya amala Member Posts: 3

    Hi Tom,

    I am not asking how to create n configure to use a static bridge. My question was:

    There are 2 types of topic subscription tabs( direct & guaranteed) that one can add at static bridge level to allow them flow to ( corresponding mapped queue)

    you would find four tabs: incoming direct subscriptions, gauranteed subscriptions ( no button), outgoing direct subscription, outgoing guaranteed subscriptions).I find the button to add the direct subscription but not for persistent/ guaranteed subscriptions. I was asking if there is any other way to add the gauranteed topic subscription apart from the solace pub sub broker console..other way of adding a guaranteed topic (where to add gauranteedsubscription without using the solace it possible through a script to add explicitly "Incoming guaranteed subscription"( not incoming direct subscription)

  • TomF
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    You can't add a guaranteed subscription directly to a bridge, because a client subscription (the bridge is the client here) is always direct. You need to configure queues as I have described, then tell the bridge to bind to a queue. This can be done through PubSub+ Manager if you follow the steps above, which were for editing an existing bridge and not creating a new one.