Prometheus vs Grafana Agent for Grafana dashboard


Hi Team,

Grafana is getting popular and many users prefer this for new monitoring solution. I am planning to create a Grafana dashboard for Solace monitoring but confused hot to feed the metrics from solace. Based on my initial review

Option 1: Use Prometheus exporter tool to feed metrics into Prometheus data source and integrate with Grafana.

Pro's & Con's:

  1. The exporter tool needs to run on different machine with docker image.
  2. Based on the Github project this tool need more development to get all metrics like SolGeneos.
  3. There is a possibility of delay to fetch metrics because the exporter on a different machine. Market data metrics need to be captured every second.

Option 2: Install Grafana agent on Solace hardware appliance to pull metrics with API plugin.

Pro's & Cons:

  1. Agent need to be installed on the solace hardware which is not recommended by Solace.
  2. Need to write SEMP API plugin to run with agent and get all metrics. I don't see any document or implementation with this agent for solace.
  3. Agent and API runs on the solace appliance to get all metrics locally. I think it may be faster to get data metrics every seconds (similar to solgeneos plugin)

Can you please guide us to implement the best solution?


  • uherbst
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    Hi @SasikumarSP ,

    I'm sure, you aware of

    This is a pre-configured (with many, many metrics) prometheus exporter for solace. And it is OpenSource, so you can extend any metrics that is missing, if you like.

    I've seen many customers using this solace prometheus exporter with prometheus and grafana to do their monitoring.

    I'm in doubt, if it is supported to install anything in the appliance itself or (for software brokers) into the docker container. If you go this way, please discuss with Solace Support.

    Have you considered to order a Solace consultant to discuss your very specific requirements ?


  • Tamimi
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    And to add to @uherbst points, if you end up using the open source tool feel free to open issues or PRs for improvements ! Would love to hear your approach to this once you figure out a flow, you can share it with the community as well.