TRB is not showing up after a SolOS upgrade (to 9.10) of 3530 appliances in an HA pair

hong Guest Posts: 480 ✭✭✭✭✭

After a SolOS upgrade (to 9.10) of your 3530 appliances in an HA pair, you may notice that the TRB is no longer detected. The broker is up but when you try to analyze the TRB in the Fabric 1 menu in SolAdmin, the TRB is not showing up.

This is expected behavior. As of version 9.5, the Network Acceleration Blades (NAB) supports topic-routing functions and the Topic-Routing Blade (TRB) hardware is no longer active (in a low-power reset state). This applies to the following chassis configurations:

  • PubSub+ 3530
  • PubSub+ 3560 with NAB-0410EM-01 (4x10GE)
  • PubSub+ 3560 with NAB-0810EM-01 (8x10GE)