How can I limit (or increase) the maximum of consumer flows that may bind to a queue?

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To limit or increase the number of clients that can bind to a queue, you can set the max-bind-count on the queue.

By default that value is 1000. To change that value, issue the following CLI command:

  home > enable > configure > message-spool message-vpn VPNNAME > queue QNAME > max-bind-count <NEW-VALUE> > home

NEW-VALUE can be between 0 and 10,000.

To reset the value to the default of 1,000:

  home > enable > configure > message-spool message-vpn VPNNAME > queue QNAME > no max-bind-count > home

Here we are changing it from 1000 to 42:

  lab-130-41> en
  lab-130-41# configure
  lab-130-41(configure)# message-spool message-vpn blue
  lab-130-41(configure/message-spool)# queue violetQ
  lab-130-41(configure/message-spool/queue)# max-bind-count 42

We can see the current value with the "show queue QNAME detail" command. There is lots of output - look for the line that says 'Max Bind Count'.

lab-130-41(configure/message-spool/queue)# show queue violetQ detail
Name                                 : violetQ
Message VPN                          : blue
Durability                           : Durable
Max Msg Size Allowed (B)             : 10000000
Bind Count                           : 0

Max Bind Count : 42

Topic Subscription Count             : 0
Network Topic                        : #P2P/QUE/violetQ
lab-130-41(configure/message-spool/queue)# no max-bind-count