New Subscription Course: Solace PubSub+ Service Management

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The most important component of the PubSub+ Cloud platform is the Cluster Manager. The Cluster Manager is where you handle everything that has to do with event broker services in the Cloud. This course is designed to walk you through all the features available in the Cluster Manager of PubSub+ Cloud.

Who is this course for?

In general this course is designed for anybody who will be managing the event brokers in your PubSub+ Cloud account. This could be DevOps teams that are responsible for setting up and managing services or developers who are creating services for development and testing purposes.

Course overview

Here's everything that will be covered in this course:

  • A tour of the Cluster Manager
  • Choosing a Service Class for your event broker services
  • Choosing a cloud region for your event broker services
  • Creating an event broker service
  • Understanding the current state of your event broker services
  • Where to get started learning how to connect to your event broker services
  • Getting started debugging and testing in PubSub+ Cloud
  • Understanding client profiles for client permissions
  • Managing your event broker services

What will you know how to do after this course?

After completing this course you will know how to do the following in PubSub+ Cloud:

  • Create event broker services
  • Understand the basic state and usage of your services
  • Try out sending and receiving events with your services
  • Create alternate hostnames for your services
  • Rotate your broker manager passwords for your services
  • Set up syslog forwarding for your services
  • Upscale your services
  • Delete event broker services

Where can I take this course?

This course is a part of the Solace Learning Subscription at Solace Academy, so if your organization already has a learning subscription this is course is available to you! Learn more about Solace training and learning subscriptions here.