Is it possible to track messages in each topic and queue level

Hi Team,
Can you please help us, is it possible to track messages in each topic and queue level (how many messages consume topic/queue level per day).


  • TomF
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    You can certainly track message consumption at the queue level. Queue level statistics tell you how many messages have been received and delivered - just select the GUI in Pubsub+ Manager, and go to the Statistics tab. You can also get current message rates there.

    Tracking at the Topic level is a bit more difficult. Solace topics are dynamic - each message can have a different topic. With a 250 character UTF-8 string topic, that's as close to an infinite number of possibilities as makes no difference. So storing "how many messages are sent to a topic" would mean an effectively infinite amount of storage. All is not lost, though: with the power of wildcard subscriptions, you could create an application that subscribes to ">" and create a way to store the data you're interested in.

    Also, keep an eye on the Solace Event Horizon initiative - this aims to address issues like this.

  • Muddam_Pullaiah
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    I know in Queue level it showing real time, so I want know total messages count per day.. ( like how many messages received in Solace queue per day,if yes, is there any script??)

  • Abhikesh
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    @Muddam_Pullaiah To add further, If your requirement is just to know how many messages pass from particular queue, You can use Solace SEMP and run it on specific time to gather Queue level statistics .
    You need to gather Queue level statistics for messages received and delivered via Solace SEMP and run the same on next day, now whatever difference in received and delivered under statistics , that will be your total messages received and sent for queue during those interval.
    You can use Crone Job to schedule this.