[New blog post for developers] An Open Source Approach to Delaying Message Redelivery Attempts

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by Thomas Kunnumpurath

In this post, I’d like to introduce an open source project I developed to delay redelivery attempts when messages aren’t successfully delivered. I’ll introduce its internal design and then dive into how I took advantage of an interesting Java construct and Java Streams to build out the functionality I was looking for more quickly and efficiently.

About Message Queues

Message queues are a fundamental and important construct of Solace PubSub+ Event Broker. They keep track of which events are consumed by microservices and can detect redeliveries to a consumer. In addition, they can be used to implement a store-and-forward architecture for RESTful endpoints via REST delivery points.

Here are the four queue delivery patterns you can choose from:

Message Processing Failures

When a message fails to be processed by an RDP, or a transaction that involves consuming a message is rolled back, PubSub+ immediately attempts to redeliver it. You can configure the number of times it will try to deliver the messages before it is either discarded or sent to a dead message queue .

But what if the endpoint was suffering from load or just slow to respond? By immediately retrying, you may be exacerbating the problem. You could always implement a back-off algorithm in your queue consumer code – but that would hold up messages in your queue for further processing, and complicate your microservice code base. Redelivery services aim to solve this problem by abstracting that complexity into a separate code base.

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