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Client Discunnect Automatically.

Hi Team,
We are using Solace hardware Appliance, but one of my client has been automatically disconnected, when I check log it is showing permission denied.


  • NagaNaga Member Posts: 56

    Hi Muddam,
    Can you share the error log?

  • Muddam_PullaiahMuddam_Pullaiah Member Posts: 19

    In log it is showing CLIENT_CLIENT_DISCUNNECT and permission denied.

  • SasikumarSPSasikumarSP Member Posts: 9

    It looks like consumer client got disconnect when it try to bind queue or topic-endpoint. You have to check the "Owner" and "All other permission" of the endpoint.

    Owner: Assign the client-username which will be used by consumer application. The client who binds the queue through that username will have full permission. It can add or remove topic subscriptions to queue.

    All other Permission: As the name says, you can define the permission level for all other client-usernames apart from the owner. Any client connects through another username will have that permission. I recommend to have "no-access" if the owner is assigned for the queue otherwise, you can have "consume" or "modify" permission.

    Share the complete event error log if possible.

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