Solace PubSub+ Messaging API for Go releases

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The following product has been released and is available for download:

·  Solace PubSub+ Messaging API for Go 1.0.0

Release Summary

This is the first release of the PubSub+ Messaging API for Go. Solace created this API to support the growing Go ecosystem and to address customer demand to create applications in Go that can take advantage of the broad features of PubSub+. This API provides support for all deployments of PubSub+ across software, appliance, and cloud.

This version contains a feature set that allows for the common messaging patterns like publish/subscribe using Direct Messaging and Guaranteed Messaging. Future versions of the Go API will introduce more features as Solace builds out the roadmap for this API.

The Go API 1.0.0 supports:

  • Connection management to PubSub+ event brokers
  • Addition and removal of topic subscriptions
  • Sending and receiving Direct and Guaranteed Messages
  • Message compression
  • Use of Selectors
  • Message Replay
  • Structured data types that allow interoperability between various architectures and programming languages
  • Provisioning of persistent (durable) endpoints (implemented using the Missing Resource Strategy)
  • Kerberos authentication
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication

The Go API 1.0.0 does not support the following:

  • PubSub+ Cache Client API support
  • Request/Reply message exchange pattern
  • Session Transactions
  • XA Transactions
  • Queue browsing