Session connect timeout

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Hi Solace community,

First time posting here :)

I'm having trouble connecting to solace broker with the C API. I'm getting the a Session connect timeout.

SDK NOTICE Wed Apr 06 13:23:14.084 2022 solClient.c:10952      
    (7f0651038700) Connect attempt for host 'IP:55555' for session
 '(c0,s1)_default(client name 'NS/9517/00000001/PaRxE2AHJe', VPN name 'default',
 peer host 'IP:55555' address 'IP ip', connection 'tcp_TxRx' 
local address 'IP')' timed out 

Session connect timeout

I know the IP address is routable because I can get a telnet connection to it.

Does anyone have an idea of what could the cause of this problem be?



  • Ragnar
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    The error log is unusual. The C API usually prints the resolved IP address after 'address (IP ' .

    It appears to be just print "IP" for hostname and 'ip' for address. What is in your hostname property?

    Other than that, telnet connects to port 23 by default which should be quickly rejected by the broker. Have you verified with telnet that you can connect to port 55555?


  • Tamimi
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    To follow up on Ragnar's answer, where is your Solace broker running (Cloud, or local image)? If running locally (via docker for example), what OS are you running on?

    Also, welcome to the community!

  • anasst
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    Thanks Tamimi and Ragnar for your responses.

    For the logs, I removed the resolved IP for security purposes. And yes I checked that I can connect to port 55555 with telnet.

    The broker is most likely running on the Cloud, I can't be sure because I don't have any information on it, except for a ip/port, username/password and a message vpn.

  • anasst
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    I just got the green light to tell you guys that the broker we're tryning to connect to is that of NSE's (National Stock Exchange of India). Not sure if that helps.

  • marc
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    Hi @anasst,

    It sounds like you are working with a customer that has paid support. Since more in depth debugging is necessary here it would be best if you open a support ticket to keep details private that should be private :). You can do that by emailing Preferably it would be great if you would also include someone from NSE if you can.

    That said, once you find out what the issue was it would be great if you could share the solution in case others come across this thread in the future.