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I have to set max bind count value as 200 in our Production environment. But my solace admin is  saying that the  client limit setup was already restricted in prod at 175.

Prod Client Limit

- clientProfileName: 5-pymt

maxConnectionCountPerClientUsername: 175

serviceSmfMaxConnectionCountPerClientUsername: 175

So my query is  here, why should we  concern about the client limit setup  which is mentioned above  for setting max bind count?

Does max bind count value depend on maxConnectionCountPerClientUsername?

Does max bind count  and  maxConnectionCountPerClientUsername  are equal?

Does Client connection usage  and max bind count are  different?

To set the max-bind-count on the queue , is it mandatory to set number of clients that can bind to a queue?

 Is max-bind-count on the queue  and number of clients that can bind to a queue are same?

It will be really helpful, if you  help me  on those above mentioned queries.


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    Hi @1638269, and congratulations on your username...

    There are several independant objects to consider here. You have the client username and client profile (5-pymt), and in the client profile there is a max connections per username. Client usernames refer to client profiles: multiple client usernames can refer to the same client profile. Let's imagine you have two users, whose client-profiles are 5-pymt:

    user1 -> profile 5-pymt, number of connections 175

    user2 -> profile 5=pymt, number of connections 175

    So both user1 and user2 can have 175 connections.

    Now, max bind count for a queue sets the maximum number of binds to that queue. A single connection can have multiple bindings to a queue: for instance, you may have multiple threads in a single application processing messages or events from the queue, and each thread might have a queue binding. So user1 could have 1 client connection and 200 queue bindings.

    Let's imagine another case where each connection uses 1 queue binding, and you still have the two users. In this case user1 could have 175 connections and hence 175 queue bindings, but user2 could also have 25 connections and queue bindings if the max bind count on the queue is set to 200.

    As an aside, a connection count of 200 is a little odd - it would be good to understand why that number has been chosen.

    TL;DR: maxConnectionCountPerClientUsername, number of client usernames and queue max bind count are all independant and should be considered separately.