Error setting up HA Solace event broker



I'm having issues setting up HA group on my local docker installation.

I followed the guide:

But whenever i run the docker start command the containers get up and running for 30-45 sec. and then shuts down again.

I have setup the shared key on all docker create commands.

The last lines of logs that is presented is:

2022-04-27T06:19:11.784+00:00 <local0.warning> monitoring appuser[1]: /usr/sw                        main.cpp:752                          (SOLDAEMON    - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon                          WARN     Determining platform type: [  OK  ]

2022-04-27T06:19:11.805+00:00 <local0.warning> monitoring appuser[1]: /usr/sw                        main.cpp:752                          (SOLDAEMON    - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon                          WARN     Generating license file: [  OK  ]

2022-04-27T06:19:11.883+00:00 <local0.warning> monitoring appuser[1]: /usr/sw                        main.cpp:752                          (SOLDAEMON    - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon                          WARN     Running pre-startup checks: [  OK  ]

After that it goes to 100% CPU usage and shuts down.

In my .wslconfig file i have this text:


# Settings apply across all Linux distros running on WSL 2


# Limits VM memory to use no more than 6 GB, this can be set as whole numbers using GB or MB


# Sets amount of swap storage space to 2GB


# Sets the VM to use four virtual processors



I also see this error:

Unable to raise event; rc(would block)

I'm using the version


  • TomF
    TomF Member, Employee Posts: 406 Solace Employee

    Hi @jonathanstuhrasferg,

    Are you running Docker under Windows, or under WSL2 under windows? If you're running under WSL2, you'll need to use Linux instructions. Are you able to get a single broker instance running? I use a single broker instance on WSL2 using podman, which runs fine. Also, are you running rootless?

  • swenhelge
    swenhelge Member, Employee Posts: 77 Solace Employee

    HI @jonathanstuhrasferg ,

    You are resolving this issue with Solace support, correct? I'm copied in and will add the findings here in this thread for other people to be aware of the possible gotchas.

  • jonathanstuhrasferg
    jonathanstuhrasferg Member Posts: 3


    I created a support ticket, but for a different issue. I havent really looked at the issue here more. But from what i can understand the issue could be with the pre shared key as 1234 does not meet requirements.