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Getting Solace broker's message receipt timestamp

rdesojurdesoju Member Posts: 63

Hi all -
We are trying to run some performance tests on HA Group Message Broker software (Primary/Backup) with Guaranteed Messaging.
We have a few clients that ingest messages to broker at a consistent rate. And, a receiver which receives messages as they put on EXCLUSIVE Queue.
Is there a provision to use any message header or something to get the actual timestamp that Solace "RECEIVED/SAVED to MessageSpool" timestamp from the broker.
Information available at following link to use "getReceiveTimeStamp()" seems little ambiguous. I'm confused that Producer has to populate this value? or Broker itself would populate the header value upon receipt of the message from producer? If yes, does it signify message receipt timestamp or message persist timestamp to message spool?

This information is useful in bench marking the behavior. Please help.


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  • kovkov Member, Employee Posts: 16 Solace Employee

    Hi, we don't publish a distinct broker timestamp on the messages. However, if what you're trying to do is test latency, we have done a lot of that and built latency testing capabilities into the sdkperf test suite. SDKPerf publishers put a timestamp from the local clock into each message, and the consumers extract it from the message and measure the latency delta. Note that you'd need to run the producer and consumer on the same host so they have comparable timestamps.

    Is that the kind of benchmarking you're interested in doing?

  • rdesojurdesoju Member Posts: 63

    Hi Kov,
    Thank you very much for the information.
    Yes, we're looking for similar bench marking. However, trying to understand what broker metrics (from inside broker) we could propagate to Queue Consumers.
    Also, is the logging enabled by default to track each message id in different hops to find out where the latency is?
    For instance, Producer to Broker (Network), Broker to Message Spool (Disk latency), Broker to Consumer (Network) etc.
    Wondering, if additional logging could help us understand the outliers better in high throughput scenarios. Does it write gigantic logs if we enable Debug option if any. Please suggest.


  • rdesojurdesoju Member Posts: 63

    Thank a lot. This helps.

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