How to get and test information on discarded messages

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You see that you are having a lot of ingress discards due to No Subscription Match and are looking for more information about these messages. The information that might be pertinent is: Topic, Client Username, and Message VPN name.


Use the following command to get the information about the messages:

solace> show log no-subscription-match [client-username <username>][client-name <name>] [message-vpn <vpn-name>] [wide]

You will then be able to see the Topic, Client Username, and Message VPN name on the last 1,000 discarded messages.

Read more on no-subscription-match.

You can use SDKPerf to test if the solution works. Here is an example for publishing a single message with no topic match:

[wskinner@dev3-225 ~]$ sdkperf_c_d36 -cip= -cu=default@default -ptl=topic -mn=1 -mt=persistent -msa=10


Here you can see the CLI output:

vmr-132-44> show log no-subscription-match

Most recent no-subscription-match events:

Client Username Message VPN Topic
dev3-225/9209/#00000001 default default topic``