Delete All Messages on a Queue/Topic Endpoint now available in Broker Manager and SEMPv2

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One of the most requested features from our management users has been the ability to Delete All messages in one action from a Queue or Topic Endpoint.

Well, I have good news! This feature is now available in version 10.0.1 of PubSub+ Event Broker.

The Broker Manager UI now has an "Action" to "Delete All Messages" in either the single Queue/Topic Endpoint detail view:

and in the list view for all Queues/Endpoints:

And, yes, in the list view, you can select multiple items and the action will delete all the messages from all the selected items at once.

In SEMPv2, there are new APIs for deleting the spooled messages from a Queue or Topic Endpoint in the Action API:


We hope you enjoy this new, time-saving, management capability!


  • SasikumarSP
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    Good feature to have in SEMPv2 and pubsub+ manager as like soladmin.

  • marc
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    Woohoo! You sir are a hero (or really the people behind the scenes that built this 😜)

  • petegehrman
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    Awesome! Any plans to make this capability available from the JCSMP/Java client?

  • Tamimi
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    Yesss !! Thanks for the update on this Andrew 👍

  • Tamimi
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    @parchambault - I will let others shed some light on this as well if they have anything different to say, but I would expect that this will not be implemented in the messaging APIs. If you would like to manage your broker programatically then you are advised to use SEMPv2 (which has the ability to Delete All messages in a queue) and keep messaging related actions to the messaging APIs

  • Tamimi
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    Tagging the people who have asked about Delete All functionality in the past:

    @Zahra Tabar, @SasikumarSP, @sjaak, @tejaschowsalkar, @rlawrence, @NaGG, @manish

  • sjaak
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    Thanks for the update @Tamimi! 🙂

  • hong
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  • jmahrok
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    One of the most awaited features!!!😄