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Hi Team,

@marc I gone throught DMR usecase and I have 2 pub application and 4 Sub application , I using spring cloud stream. I have used dynamic routing in smae.

My question is when I am publishing the topic I can see the topic at consumer end like which consumer has consumerd the topic but I want to see it at Solace end like which topic has been subscribed by which consumer.

Please suggest



  • marc
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    Hi @soniya,

    You should be able to find this type of information in the PubSub+ Manager. Within PubSub+ manager you can either go to your queue where you can find the topics it's subscribed to by clicking on "Subscriptions" and the Consumers bound to it by clicking on "Consumers"

    OR if you don't know your queue then you can go find the queue by going to your clients under "Clients" -> "Solace Clients" -> "Consumers" where you will see the Endpoint Name(s).

    Note that PubSub+ Manager uses our SEMP management API so if you need to find these info programmatically you would use SEMP.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks @marc

    Can you please share a example of SEMP or ccan I integrate my existing code with SEMP.I can see Queues name in consumers("Clients" -> "Solace Clients" -> "Consumers"). But I want like which topic is subscribed that only I want to see. Please suggest me.

    One question:- Why multiple queue generated for each topic I mean can we create multiple queue for each topic so that only that queue will create which topic is consumed.

    I configured as shown below for 4 topics. for each topic I have created different but again when application run it create 4 queue instead of one.




       definition: eSupplyOrderEventTypeNetwork1Supplier




         destination: 'E/Supply/Order/Create/{event_type}/{network}'


         destination: 'E/Supply/Order/Create/{event_type}/{network}'  


         destination: 'E/Supply/Update/{event_type}/{network}'


         destination: 'E/Supply/Update/{event_type}/{network}'  

    Please suggest.