[Blog post series] Real-Time Use Cases in Capital Markets

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Are you working in capital markets? If yes, our new 5-part blog post series “Real-Time Use Cases in Capital Markets” is for you! 

In this blog series, Himanshu Gupta from Solace discusses five key use cases in capital markets: market data, frontend UIs, order management, reporting/P&L, and risk management. He also explains how Solace enables them. I am sure these use cases are familiar to you. So, give it a read as the posts are published and let us know what your use cases are in the comments below.

  • Part 1: Market/Reference Data Distribution – This part looks at capital markets, the need for trade processing, and the market data distribution use case for real-time event streaming.
  • Part 2: Frontend UIs – This part focuses on the 7 features of Solace PubSub+ that make it an ideal choice for a typical frontend setup in capital markets.
  • Part 3: Pre-Trade Order Processing -- This part discusses pre-trade order processing, a key component of systems in capital markets, and the PubSub+ features that made it an ideal candidate for the use case.
  • Part 4: Reporting and P&L Calculation (coming soon)
  • Part 5: Risk Management (coming soon)