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Role of monitoring node in HA group setup

rdesojurdesoju Member Posts: 17

What is the role of monitoring node in a HA Group (Primary/Standby) setup?
It seems that clients are able to failover back and forth even though monitoring node is down.



  • kovkov Member, Employee Posts: 10 Solace Employee

    Hi Raghu, the monitoring node participates in the leader-election voting mechanism only. It doesn't store or replicate messages.

    The HA model can tolerate loss of one node, so without the voting node you can still run the two messaging nodes, and administratively fail them over to each other. Please note though that if one of those messaging nodes fails as well, the last node would stop all messaging activity until either the voting node or the peer messaging nodes returns to the HA-group.

  • rdesojurdesoju Member Posts: 17

    Thank you very much for the information @kov !

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