Wanted to know how spring solace streaming is working with sleuth

Hello All,

I have seen solace messages are visible on zipkin and broker is also seen on zipkin

but for some of services its not working when message passing between some rest endpoints.

Can you please lets us know if solace streaming API's are adding any message headers to solace message to keep track of trace id and span id between services?


  • TomF
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    Hi @ajinkyasagar,

    Looks like you're using our Distributed Trace Early Access release, which is great! I've not used Zipkin, only Jaeger so far, so thanks for that tip.

    We haven't yet added OT instrumentation to the APIs, but we're working on it and should have something in the next few months.

  • marc
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    Hi @ajinkyasagar,

    I wanted to jump in here as well to make sure there isn't confusion.

    1. Are you using the Distributed Tracing Early Access that @TomF mentioned? If yes, that's great! If not, then you can ignore that for now other than to know we are working on implementing tracing in the broker and instrumenting our APIs.
    2. As I think you have found, if you add Spring Cloud Sleuth as a dependency to your Spring Cloud Stream app then Spring is actually adding the trace/span information into your messages regardless of what broker you used. That information is passed over to zipkin via Sleuth but also added into the Spring message headers which are sent over Solace as user properties.
    3. The part of your question that I'm unclear about is where the rest endpoints come into play. Do you mean other RESTful apps that also have Sleuth enabled? or are you talking about Solace REST Delivery Endpoints? Or something else?
  • ajinkyasagar
    ajinkyasagar Member Posts: 24

    We are not using distributed tracing early release but if you have any documentation please do share.

    I think you answered my question in point 2...

  • marc
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    Hi @ajinkyasagar,

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the team at Spring has much documentation on using Sleuth with Cloud Stream. This is the best I can find right now: https://docs.spring.io/spring-cloud-sleuth/docs/current-SNAPSHOT/reference/html/integrations.html#sleuth-messaging-spring-cloud-function-integration

    If you find something better let me know!

  • Tamimi
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    And @ajinkyasagar stay tuned as we announce more information about using Distributed Tracing with Solace PubSub+ Broker