Hello....first post in the community so please be gentle.

What is the difference between PubSubCache+ and Solcache ? is it just a rename?

I want to try to push solcache as a solution for reference data store however, one restriction that I can't seem to suggest a solution for is:


Object is Listing and Stock is ABCD however, it can be referred to through its CUSIP, ISIN, Ticker, etc. . I cannot seem to come up with a solution that allows consumers to query that one object based on any of the metadata of the Object.

topic: prod/country/exchange/listing

listing object: ticker:"ABCD", CUSIP:"12345", ISIN:"AB123", NAME:"ABCD Holdings", etc.

The idea is to use a solution that stops every single system from holding its own cache in memory, so a mapping table for all objects within the Apps memory would defeat the purpose.


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    Hi @RunningRoach,

    Solcache is an older product that is no longer sold. PubSub+ Cache is the current product: it added multi-core support, amongst other capabilities.

    Cache requests are based on the topic cached. If you are able to extend your topic taxonomy so that the "listing" element contains the metadata, you may be able to get what you want. For instance:


    You could then issue cache requests on:

    prod/country/ * / * /12345/ * / *

    For instance, or even:

    prod/ * / * /ABCD/12345/AB123/ABCD Holdings