Monthly Feature Highlight Training | September 2022


September 2022 brought with it the release of Solace PubSub+ Broker 10.1.1. Even though this release is a patch release from 10.1.0 it is the production release and brings with it a couple of new and useful features.

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Masked Header Values in REST Delivery Points

REST Delivery Points (RDPs) have been a great feature for the Solace PubSub+ Event Broker. They've allowed clients to more easily connect their existing REST API's with their event broker without having to create a consumer to consume events and pass them on.

PubSub+ Event Broker v9.11 introduced the ability to add custom HTTP headers to outgoing RDP messages. This vastly opened the possibilities of which REST APIs can be used by RDPs. One caveat that came with this new feature however is that all users that had access to the broker manager also had access to the values for these request headers. This becomes an issue when important and secret values like API keys or account passwords are passed in HTTP headers.

PubSub+ Event Broker v10.1.1 introduces the ability to add protected HTTP request headers to a Queue Binding for RDPs. With this feature you can define a collection of RDP Queue Binding header name/value pairs where the value is treated as a "protected" value, similar to how passwords are handled in the management interfaces in the broker configuration. This new collection is very similar to the existing collection of RDP Queue Binding headers/value, except the values in the new collection are always masked or omitted from display in the CLI, SEMPv2, or Broker Manager UI.

What will I learn in this training?

In the September 2022 Monthly Feature Highlight training you will learn how to use the Solace Broker Manager to create a REST Delivery Point that uses protected HTTP request headers.

OAuth Token Expiry Configuration in REST Delivery Points

OAuth is an incredibly popular and growing standard in APIs, which includes REST APIs. That's why REST Delivery Points in the Solace PubSub+ broker have supported OAuth for REST Consumers for quite some time now. But while the OAuth standard requires certain parameters be presented in the response for an access token request, the amount of time the token is valid is only recommended. Version 10.1.1 of the PubSub+ Broker has a solution to when tokens don't provide this.

What will I learn in this training?

In the September 2022 Monthly Feature Highlight training you will learn about how token expiration relates to the OAuth standard and the Solace broker as well as how to set the default token expiry configuration for a REST Consumer.