Solace Hybrid Edge

Naga Member Posts: 58

Hi Team,
Can you please share the documents/tutorials for solace hybrid edge ?


  • amackenzie
    amackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 249 Solace Employee

    HybridEdge is no longer an active product with Solace. We are in the process of marking the GitHub repository as unmaintained and we no longer sell support for it.
    HybridEdge is essentially a Solace distribution of Apache Camel. As such, if you would like to see what is possible with Solace integration using Camel, you are welcome to do so using "regular" open source Camel and receive the support of the Apache Camel community.

  • Naga
    Naga Member Posts: 58

    Basically I want a script which will move messages from one queue to another queue. Please suggest.