Mulesoft Connector Session Recovery issue in Auto Ack mode


Hi all,

A strange behavior was observed while using the Solace mulesoft connector.

Guaranteed listener connector throws 'session recovery ack timeout' error when the ack mode is selected as "AUTOMATIC_ON_FLOW_COMPLETTION" and the flow executes successfully. The message is also successfully removed from the broker queue(implying it received the ack).

If an explicit ACK is given by adding the connector at the end of the flow , i didn't observed this behavior.



  • amackenzie
    amackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 260 Solace Employee


    This is a bug in the Solace connector and has been reported previously. The good news is we have fixed the bug in version 1.2.x of the connector. The bad news is version 1.2.x won't be released until late Nov/early Dec 2022.

    The workaround is to switch to MANUAL_CLIENT ack mode and then put an "Ack" operation as the last shape in your flow. This will achieve the same function as AUTOMATIC_ON_FLOW_COMPLETION .

  • jmahrok
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    Thanks for your response @amackenzie ! Good to hear that it has been fixed in the next version.