What’s Next with Ed and Ali – Episode 1

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Are you wondering what projects are in development for core and cloud products in Solace? Then watch “What’s Next with Ed and Ali”.

In the series , Ed Funnekotter, SVP, Core Product Development, Solace and Ali Pourshahid, SVP, Cloud and Developer Experience, Solace, provide a sneak peek into features before they hit the market, including lab projects, pre-releases and even some discussions on very early prototypes. It also features some early demos so you can feel confident in our roadmap and provide feedback on what you see.

What’s Next with Ed and Ali – Episode 1 is now available in YouTube.

Here is what this pilot episode covers:

0:00 Overview

01:59 What is Event-Driven Architecture?

04:39 Overview of Solace PubSub+ Platform

08:19 Introducing PubSub+ Event Portal version 2.0

11:30 Event Portal 2.0 Demo - Gameco

22:31 Kafka Bridge

34:43 Distributed Tracing in the Solace PubSub+ Platform

39:47 Join our Community

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