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non durable endpoint

sysemsysem Member Posts: 4

Question 1:
when will the non durable endpoint be removed in solace ??
==> When the client session is fully going down ?? received SessionEvent.SessionDown ???
==> In case the client session is recovered successfully through the reconnecting mechanism [ Receive SessionEvent.Reconnecting and SessionEvent.Reconnected]..
Then, the non durable endpoint would still exist at solace appliance ??

Question 2:
how can i add topics subscription to a non-durable queue ??
Is there any sample code in c# ??? Thanks.


  • solaceleahsolaceleah Member, Employee Posts: 4 Solace Employee

    A non-durable endpoint will be removed from solace 60 seconds after the client that created it disconnects from the broker. The 60 seconds allows the client to reconnect before the non-durable endpoint and its contents are deleted.

    To add a subscription to a non-durable queue, that can be achieved through the client application.

    session.Subscribe(queue, topicA, SubscribeFlag.WaitForConfirm, null);

    Where queue is your non-durable queue, topicA is the topic you would like to add to your queue, and the optional flag confirms the subscription has been applied successfully to the queue.

  • sysemsysem Member Posts: 4

    is the "60 second" be configurable in solace ??
    (by vpn level ?? or solace level ?? or client profile level??0

  • solaceleahsolaceleah Member, Employee Posts: 4 Solace Employee

    The 60 seconds is non-configurable, however a client application that has the correct permissions can de-provision an endpoint sooner if it is not needed.

    This video walks through queue durability, including a code example!

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