Using JCSMP API with Apache Camel

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I'm working on a POC to use Solace JCSMP with Apache camel. I noticed that there was a community integration project called HybridEdge that is not maintained by Solace. Is there any plan to create a similar project for JCSMP? or to develop an Apache camel JCSMP component similar to the JMS one?

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    Hello, I am with the product management team at Solace.

    There are no current plans to do a Camel component based on JCSMP. The HybridEdge project was based on the Camel JMS component and was really more of a wrapper of the JMS component and a packaging to make it a Solace-provided distribution.

    I never say never ;) But unless there was a significant amount of demand, it's unlikely we would build a standalone JCSMP Camel component.



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    Thank you! for your answer.