Beta version of PubSub+ Connector for IBM MQ is now available!

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Solace has just released a beta version of the new PubSub+ Connector for IBM MQ.

This connector enables bridging of PubSub+ events with MQ Queue Managers. It supports a 2-way flow of data with PubSub+ -> MQ or MQ -> PubSub+ and you can have up to 10 of these "workflows" in each connector instance. If you need more than 10, the connectors are lightweight, stateless servers and you can just bring up another instance.

Below is a brief overview of the connector.

As mentioned above, the container image of the connector is not available in this beta but will be available in the GA release.

As this is a beta release, we would like everyone to be able to access it and try it out in your MQ integration use cases but would also like to keep track of who is using it so we can properly support our beta customers.

If you would like access to the connector beta version, you can:

  • Contact your account team and ask for access. If you are a Solace customer, we can put it on your Solace Products Portal.
  • You can Direct Message me on this Community site and I will send you the beta release.

We look forward to your comments and questions about the new connector, the 1st of many more. Feel free to start new threads in this Category to further discuss.


Andrew MacKenzie

Product Manager, Core