Play Solly’s Holiday Cheer and win great prizes!!!

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Want to have some extra fun this holiday season? Then play our Solly's Holiday Cheer game! You may also win great prizes!

When: December 6-9 and December 12-15, 2022


How to play:

A new gift “unwraps” to reveal a new question every day at 9 AM EDT during the game period except on the weekend. You select and submit the answer. All the answers can be found in the Solace Developer Community posts as well as in other Solace resources such as Solace Developer portal, Solace Developer Codelabs, Solace YouTube channel, and Solace Developer Samples on GitHub.  

What prizes to win:

1st prize: Nintendo Switch

2nd prize: Cooler

3rd prize: Gaming microphone

For more information, visit the game site.

Good luck, everyone!