How to speed up solace standalone docker?

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hello, i'm working with solace pubsub image (solace/solace-pubsub-standard:latest), and using it in testing takes a lot of time, as it takes almost 30 seconds to start it up, compared to a few seconds for other images i'm using (e.g. mongodb).

is there a way to speed up the image startup time by allocating more resources or disabling some features?


  • marc
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    Hi @rlsf,

    The solace container does take a bit longer to startup than others. Allocating more resources might help some but I wouldn't expect to get it down to only a few seconds. Have you tried to use the `docker stats` command to see if it's maxing out any resources during start-up? For me it seems to take ~22-25 seconds.

    Also out of curiosity, for testing purposes are you starting up and tearing down the container for each test or bringing it up once to run multiple tests against?

  • rlsf
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    i use it for component testing, so i start it once, run all my tests and then tear it down.

    it takes about 25 seconds each time i do it, however the tests themselves run much faster than that, so it ended up doubling my tests time.