How to deploy Event Portal 2.0 queues/topics on solace Event Broker?

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I've been using Event Portal 2.0 in PubSub+ cloud and created my resources (application domains, queues, events, etc.) and everything has been smooth. But at the end now that I want to deploy the whole specification on an Event Broker (a Solace Event Broker) I have faced lots of difficulties and now I'm thinking if that is something that is not implemented at all!

I've read lots of documents and watched the sales videos, but I still could not figure out if my assumption is correct. Should I really export everything from Event Portal and use SEMP APIs to deploy them on Event Broker? Is that really the only way?!

I have tried adding the Event API Product to my environment (based on this) (which has already connection to Event Broker), and it apparently added it (at least in the UI) but I do not see any queues or subscriptions created in the broker itself.

Is the Event Portal only useful to generate AsyncAPI specification with no real connection to actually deploy it to a real environment?

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  • Tamimi
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    Hi @Sajjad - as of right now we do not support infrastructure provisioning from the event portal. We are targeting this for the summer of 2023. You can however integrate event portal with your already existing software development lifecycle tools and tackle the deployment using CI/CD and infrastructure as a services tools using EP APIs. Solace PubSub+ Event Portal is useful to design, govern, document, manage, and visualize your event driven architecture which satisfies the design-time component of your EDA implementation.

    You can read more about it from this blog that @JesseMenning authored