Solace PubSub+ Cloud Distributed Tracing is Now Generally Available

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Solace is excited to announce the General Availability of Distributed Tracing for PubSub+ Cloud. Event broker service version 10.2.1 brings full support for Distributed Tracing and context propagation to cloud-managed event broker services.

Starting immediately, customers may purchase subscriptions to enable Distributed Tracing on event broker services version 10.2.1 and leverage the full set of observability capabilities from the PubSub+ Cloud Console. PubSub+ Cloud Distributed Tracing capabilities offer the complete management of Distributed Tracing configuration and life-cycle management of the OpenTelemetry Collector. OpenTelemetry traces generated by the PubSub+ Cloud event broker services can now be forwarded to customers' Datadog or Jaeger APM observability tools.