Unable to list all the queues using SEMP v2

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I am trying to list out all the queues in a vpn using SEMP. But it display only the first 10 queues in the vpn. Why does it not display all queues? Am I missing anything in command below

$ curl -s -u admin:password http://solacepub.xxx.com:80/SEMP/v2/monitor/msgVpns/default/queues | grep -i queuename


  • amackenzie
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    SEMP has a few tricks up its sleeve for getting you results closer to what you need.

    10 is the default for count of returned objects. So if you want more than that, you would need to set count=n .

    Also, there is no need to grep for the queueName as you can add that to the select like so: select=queueName.

    So my full query is: /SEMP/v2/monitor/msgVpns/connectors/queues?select=queueName&count=20

    Hope that helps. The added parameters are discussed in the preamble of the SEMP APIs page.

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    Hey @vignesh - as Andrew mentioned I would suggest checking the SEMP API docs for further customization and fine tuning of the SEMP calls.

    Also, for future posts on the community, I have modified your post to have code formatting on your code block :)

  • vignesh
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    Hello, thanks for the reply. Even after using the below I am not able to list more than 10 queue created in a VPN. : /SEMP/v2/monitor/msgVpns/connectors/queues?select=queueName&count=20

    What I am trying to achieve is to get all the queue in a VPN and monitor their specific attribute (Eg: Count). Meanwhile I am still going through SEMP API docs